Our Story

What began with a fox turned out to be more about a deer: in the fall of 2013, Chad and Jac, were going on a date to a party, and upping Jac’s fashion ante—and to ward off the Blue Ridge mountain chill— Chad threw a fox fur stole over her shoulders. Then, in an instant of inspiration, Chad, a longtime deer hunter and dedicated woodsman, cut a swath of deer fur from the hide of one of his past hunts. That was the moment that FurEver deer fur pocket squares came into being. This unique fashion accessory - as well as the coaster sets - are both handmade by the now-husband and wife team from responsibly hunted deer and created on the shores of their Lake Robinson workshop in Greer, SC. Each piece is hand-branded and truly one-of-a-kind, depending on what season and what part of the fur is used. The tones can range from the ruddy amber fur of late summer, to a snowy gray hue later in the winter. A piece of the sporting life you will have FurEver.